Wildlife sites

In addition to caring for our 40 nature reserves, Shropshire Wildlife Trust is responsible for the identification and surveying of over 600 Wildlife Sites across the county.

Wildlife sites in Shropshire

Wildlife sites are areas selected for their nature conservation value and include threatened habitats and species within a national, regional and local context, making them some of our most valuable urban and rural wildlife areas.

Why are they important?

Wildlife Sites provide a web of refuges for most of the UK's fauna and flora and often encompass some of the most distinctive features in our landscape. 

Who designates them?

The decision to designate a Wildlife Site is taken by a panel of conservationists including a representative of Natural England, Shropshire County Council's ecologist and Shropshire Wildlife Trust staff. 

Working with landowners

Shropshire Wildlife Trust is working to advance the restoration of wildlife habitats on a landscape scale and appropriate management of Wildlife Sites is a vital element of realising this vision.

Thanks to funding from several local grant-making trusts, we have significantly boosted our work with Wildlife Site owners, carrying out surveys, giving management advice and holding special events to meet people and offer help and information. 

Do you have a Wildlife Site? If you'd like advice on how to look after it contact Fiona Gomersall