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Shropshire WIldlife Trust has local branches all around the county. They are at the heart of what we do, working within local communities to spread our message. 

Local branches are involved with various activities, such as surveys and practical work parties and often run their own projects. They also organise walks and talks to inspire people about Shropshire's wildlife. 

For a full list of local events please visit our whats on pages. 

To find out more, or to get in touch with your local branch contact, a full list can be found below. If you join as a member you will be allocated to your local branch and will receive regular updates from them (if you opt in). 

Bridgnorth Branch


Bridgnorth Branch

Contact: Carol Bickerstaffe

Email: Bridgnorth@ShropshireWildlifeTrust.org.uk


Facebook: @BridgnorthSWT

Clun event


Clun & Bishops Castle Branch

Contact: Mary Eminson

Email: Clunandbc@ShropshireWildlifeTrust.org.uk


Facebook: Clun & Bishop's Castle Branch Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Birch Road Pond


Ellesmere Branch

Contact: Alex Grant

Email: Ellesmere@ShropshireWildlifeTrust.org.uk


Facebook: SWT Ellesmere Branch


Ludlow Branch

Contact: Graham Hubbard

Email: Ludlow@ShropshireWildlifeTrust.org.uk

Keep up to date on all Ludlow events by receiving their e-newsletter. Contact the details above to add your name.   

Clive and Jacqui - Leonie Morphett

Leonie Morphett


Market Drayton Branch

Contact: Clive Dyer

Email: Marketdrayton@ShropshireWildlifeTrust.org.uk

Monthly working parties are held at Quarry Wood and Old Church Farm, Hinstock usually on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Please contact Clive Dyer for details.


Facebook: Shropshire Wildlife Trust Market Drayton Group

Newport Branch


Newport Branch

Contact: Helena Jefferson

Email: Newport@ShropshireWildlifeTrust.org.uk


Facebook: Newport Branch Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Oswestry Branch

Oswestry Branch

Contact: David Hardwick

Email: Oswestry@ShropshireWildlifeTrust.org.uk

Conservation in the Oswestry Hills: practical work parties on the 1st Saturday of September and April and the 1st and 3rd Saturdays October to March.

For information on Oswestry Hills Wildlife Watch events, visit our whats-on pages. 

Facebook: Oswestry Branch , Shropshire Wildlife Trust

River Severn, Shrewsbury

Kirsty Brown


Shrewsbury Branch

Contact:  Janet Pitt-Lewis

Email: Shrewsbury@ShropshireWildlifeTrust.org.uk

Strettons Branch


Stretton Branch

Contact: Wally Blake

Email: Stretton@ShropshireWildlifeTrust.org.uk

Learn more about the Strettons Branch by visiting their website.


Whitchurch Branch

Contact: Malcolm Monie

Email: Whitchurch@ShropshireWildlifeTrust.org.uk

Learn more about the Whitchurch Branch and find out details about practical work parties and butterfly surveys by visiting their website.


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