What is DePave?


Free your soil!


What is DePave?

DePave is geared towards slowing and filtering rain water around our homes, community spaces, schools, car parks etc. It's a term for exchanging hard surfaces, like concrete, for more natural structures that let water flow through, like rain gardens, or improving these hard surfaces with perhaps a green roof or water storage systems. The phrase DePave was coined in Oregon (DePave.org), and our friends over there have backed our DePave UK logo.

Why use DePave?

Hard surfaces like tarmac and paving slabs block water from filtering into the soil. Rainwater then collects pollution like grease, litter and chemicals, transporting it rapidly into our precious water courses, wetlands, ponds, rivers and streams. Most wildlife also finds it hard to make a home in these hard surfaces. DePave encourages positive action around homes and communities, re-connecting people with nature. We also think these areas look much better after some DePave action!

What can I do?

We think DePave should be cheap, easy and available for anyone to have a go. There are no rules - you can adapt it to where you live and be imaginative. Have a look around your home. Have you got room for a flower/veg planter on an apartment balcony? Maybe a raised bed connected to a downpipe? Have you got paving slabs? Take out a few slabs and grow some herbs or swap for gravel. Install a water-butt or two to store water ready for drier periods in your garden. Take a look at the DePave leaflet via the link below for more info. Spread the word & make plans to transform your space/your community.

Here's a great way to create a mini-pond in your garden: https://www.shropshirewildlifetrust.org.uk/actions/how-create-mini-pond , or, if you have space, the how to build a pond guide is here: https://www.shropshirewildlifetrust.org.uk/actions/how-build-pond .

Check out loads of rain garden ideas on Pinterest.  Most importantly, get creative and have fun!

We'd love to see your DePave in action, share with us on:

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What has Shropshire Wildlife Trust been doing?

Take a look at our images below for some of the fun projects we've collaborated on, for example in Church Aston, Coalbrookdale, Sutton Hill and Hollinswood (click on the images for more info).