Covid-19 update

Following the guidelines announced by government on 16th March 2020, we will be adapting our work behaviour for the coming weeks, or until further notice is given.
Statement from Colin Preston, CEO:

“We are all experiencing worrying and testing times and the Trust is striving to ensure an overall appropriate and measured response to a difficult and evolving situation.
The first consideration has been to ensure the safety of volunteers, staff, members and public alike who access Trust sites and events. This has resulted in offices closing with only a skeleton staff entering the buildings, all events cancelled, school programmes ceasing, and measures to reduce or stop completely access to some nature reserves. Most staff are home working.
The second and immediate consideration is around finance. A review of budget and cash flow has been made incorporating the decision to furlough around 21 staff. As you are probably aware the government furlough arrangement provides for 80% of eligible staff salaries up to the end of May. Note- this does NOT mean staff are under the threat of redundancy . Taking this decision ensures the Trust financial position remains stable although turnover will in all likelihood decrease with a budgeted deficit also likely. We will need to react to this and make revised financial arrangements over the next few months.

 Through all this, the Climate and Ecological Crisis still remains and the challenge to our wildlife is as great as ever . Strange as it may seem the dreadful coronavirus situation may highlight the further need to protect and enhance the natural world exemplified by the fact that people are currently flooding to Trust nature reserves to such an extent it has had to close certain public areas and carparks. People need wildlife as never before for their own health and wellbeing.”
 Colin Preston ,CEO, Shropshire Wildlife Trust


In summary:


  • All public events are postponed to limit social contact
  • Wildlings sessions are cancelled and childrens' birthday parties are postponed 
  • The Cut Visitor Centre and shop will remain closed to the public until further notice
  • Our visitor centre meeting facilities will be closed. We have postponed bookings for the next 6 weeks
  • We will not be recruiting new volunteers and current volunteers are not obliged to undertake any Trust activity
  • Staff will be working from home when possible.


Wood Lane Nature Reserve in Ellesmere is closed to the public.  

Please be assured that our staff remain working hard for the benefit of wildlife in Shropshire and will continue to do so throughout this crisis.