Button Oak Meadow

Button Oak meadow

A flower-rich meadow in the Wyre Forest


On the edge of the Wyre Forest at Button Oak
DY12 3AQ
A static map of Button Oak meadow

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June to July

About the reserve

This wonderful old meadow is in the Wyre Forest, a woodland glade encircled by trees. It is herb-rich pasture with more than 80 plant species recorded in a single survey, including marsh orchids, devil’s bit scabious, carnation sedge and bird’s foot trefoil. The field slopes gently down to a stream on its boundary and in the marshy areas sneezewort and water mint grow. The Wyre Forest is a National Nature Reserve, so insects, birds and mammals are plentiful. Directions       The meadow is located on the edge of the Wyre Forest at Button Oak on the B4194. There is very limited parking immediately opposite the forest track leading to the meadow, in a small lay by on the lane to Pound Green. An alternative would be to park with the permission of the landlord at the public house, or by walking along the forest tracks from either the Earnwood or Hawkbatch Forestry Commission car parks – walking along the main road is not recommended!

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