Mike's 200 bird challenge Blog 7

23rd March Venus Pool

The Brambling continues to haunt me! Just to rub it in my fellow volunteer at The Cut on Thursdays, Sarah, sent me a photo of the Venus Pool Brambling she had seen from the Woodland Hide, whilst I was away catching some Spanish sun in Oliva, near Valencia. (The swallows I saw there won’t make my list, as I have restricted it to the UK, but hopefully they are on their way and will have made it to the UK by the time this post is published).

I am convinced that this Brambling is a figment of everybody’s imagination, but the first chance I got after getting home saw me shooting out to Venus Pool in the unlikely event that the elusive little chapwould put in an appearance.

Ignoring the main hide I went straight to the Woodland Hide reasoning that I might as well get the disappointment over early! There were a couple of birders already in the hide, and after the usual pleasantries the age old question ‘anything interesting about’? The lady told me that there was a bird around that she wasn’t sure about, but thought might be a Brambling, and there, right in front of the hide was not one, but three Brambling, two male and a female. Eureka!!

Number 140 and they were definitely worth the wait, lovely little birds with beautiful markings, and glad I managed to catch up with them before they depart for the summer.


Brambling by Mike Bell