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Paul Hobson

Ladys Slipper Orchid

Darwin and the Lady's Slipper

The Lady's Slipper Orchid is Britain's rarest and most impressive orchid. It caused great frustration to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

Rock Dove

Darwin's Pigeons

Natural & artificial selections are at the heart of On the Origin of Species. Darwin realised that many varieties of pigeon originated from the same species - the Rock Dove, including feral…

On the hunt by Richard Holmes

River Reflector January 2019

Have you ever wondered why maggots are different colours? or why killer shrimp are the most damaging invasive species in Western Europe? Read the lastest of the River Reflector for an overview of…

Liberty cap

Magic mushrooms or Brexit blues?

Over the last week, our very own mushroom man John Hughes has gone viral with a story about the unseasonal arrival of fungi. In this latest blog he explains in his own words, what the fuss is all…

Northern winter moth

Winter moths

At this time of the year it may be quite difficult to spot insects in the cold weather, however one species is very active, particularly at night when you may see them in the glare of car…