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Paul Hobson

Badger on camera trap

Spy in the garden

What lurks in the garden at night? Camera traps are a great way of seeing and learning about wildlife, but they can be quite tricky to set up! Our expert Stuart has some great tips to help you…


I heard a woodpecker drumming

The garden and nature is a wonderful antidote to the difficult times we are going through at the moment. Taking a moment to look and listen helps me stay calm and in the moment.

NWR habitats map

North West Road consultation starts

The public consultation process has now started for the Shrewsbury North West Road. Our Climate Change expert Robin Mager explains why we need to fight the plans.

Badger sniffing stick

Latest badger cull announcement

The government has just released its response to the 2018 bovine TB strategy review. Badger culling in high risk areas is, of course, its most controversial element. Helen Trotman shares her…