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Paul Hobson


Bluebells in Spring

There is nothing quite so magical as stepping into a wood in early May, and finding yourself in a sea of bluebells. Dr Cath explains more about their history, how to spot non-native bluebells and…

House sparrow

House Sparrows

House sparrows have lived alongside humans for thousands of years. Our Engagement Officer Dr Cath, explains more about them.

Four spotted chaser

Garden ponds for insects

Making a pond in your garden is a marvellous way to attract wildlife, but have you ever thought how vital it might be for insects? Dr Cath explains more ...

Chiff chaff

Nature in the year of coronavirus

It has been 1 year since the first national lockdown, announced on March 23rd 2020. Nature for many of us has helped us through this unsettling time. Sarah Gibson reflects:


Spring wildlife gardening

As the days get longer and warmer we’ll all be itching to get out into the garden and start sowing, planting and tidying for a glorious summer display. If you don’t already garden with wildlife in…

Pond skater

Natural succession in a new garden pond

When creating a new pond, you may be tempted to introduce species, but ponds will develop naturally and watching the process of colonisation will be fascinating, as Cath Price explains in this…

Wild daffodil


Daffodils are a welcome sign of spring, particularly for our garden expert John Hughes. However, the daffodils that adorn our parks and roadsides are garden varieties, with the truly Wild daffodil…