Non-Native Invasive Species associated with fresh water in the UK

Help us look out for Non-Native Invasive Species!

Tom Hibbert


Non-native invasive species can be found in many of our rivers and other freshwater bodies. These species can be a threat to our native wildlife by bringing in diseases, out-competing them for food and light, and even eating our native species!  This page has a selection of images showing some of the species you may come across. The GB Non-Native Species Secretariat website has a wealth of information, and can be found here:

There are various ways of tackling these species, and you may be able to get involved with a volunteer group near you. If you believe you have non-native invasive species on your land, you can find out the best course of action here:

You can help in many ways, including recording any non-native invasive species you see via one of these mobile phone apps: An excellent way to learn more is to undertake the free e-learning modules on the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat website here: 

Identification sheets are available here:

Follow @InvasiveSp on Twitter: to keep up with the latest, and use hashtags: #NNIS #Biosecurity #invasivesweek 

And remember, every time you get out of the water, or you take your boat or other equipment out, use Check, Clean, Dry to help stop the spread:

Thanks for being the eyes and ears to help protect our native wildlife!