Marches Blue Business Award

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If your business is working to improve water quality or reduce its consumption of water, you might like to earn recognition for your efforts by applying for the Marches Blue Business Award.  

How to apply

Click here to fill out the online application form

Closing date: Friday 2nd November 2018 5pm

What is it? 

The Marches Blue Business Award celebrates those leading the way in protecting local water resources. It focuses on innovative projects being implemented by businesses across the Marches and beyond which aim to reduce or eliminate water pollution, improve water quality, and cut the use of water within their own organisation.

Why do we need it?

Water is one of our most vital resources. Businesses use it daily, but failure to protect the water environment can result in legal and financial implications and above all affect the health of our water systems. Recent reports show that 75% of rivers across the UK failed to achieve good ecological status which has wide- reaching implications for the environment and our economy. The Marches Blue Business Award has been developed by the Environment Agency  and Shropshire Wildlife Trust to encourage businesses to think about how they can play an important role in protecting and conserving our local water environment and share best practice principles across the region.

How will your business benefit?

Improving and protecting water resources could bring significant benefits to those who are committed to reducing or eliminating water pollution, including:

  • Reduced wastewater and energy bills
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduced surface water charges
  • Reduce enforcement and recharge costs following avoidable pollution incidents
  • Compliance with EU Water Framework Directive and Water Act 2014
  • Demonstration of commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Meeting customer expectations

What can you do?

The Marches Blue Business Award seeks to give recognition to businesses for implementing best practice initiatives however big or small. We believe that together we can make real differences to improving our water resources. 

The award categories for projects are:

Quality – improving and protecting the quality of water on-site and in the wider environment

Show how your initiative demonstrates either on-site or local water quality environmental improvements. Projects may be related to the treatment or care of process water or be targeted at surface water flows. Point or diffuse source pollution intervention projects are welcome for example; pond and swale systems or green roof schemes on new builds.

Reduction – reducing the volume of water consumed through reuse and recycling and more efficient water use.

Tell us how your project saved water and money and if your project engaged employees in the water efficiency initiative. Tell us how your project made use of proven water efficiency technologies (including, e.g., fixtures and fittings or rainwater/grey water systems). Measurable improvements to water use would be welcome as part of the project application. Enhanced maintenance schemes , community projects and technical innovation are all part of the challenge of water use reduction. 

Examples of projects include:

  • Water use monitoring and audits
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • No-flush toilets
  • Green roof installation
  • Enhanced building design
  • Water saving fixtures and fittings
  • Rain gardens and de-paving projects

Who can apply?

Any business that can demonstrate innovation or best practice, no matter the size of the business or the scale of the project, is eligible to apply for the award. The Marches Blue Business Award works in partnership with the local networks so there is no requirement for you to be an existing member of Herefordshire Business Futures Forum, BESST (Business Environment Support for Telford) or MMBEN (Meres & Mosses Business Environmental Network) to be considered for an award, although new applicants are always welcome.


How do I apply?

Closing date: Friday 2nd November 2018 5pm

Click here to fill out the online application form

Winners will be announced at the Meres and Mosses Business Environment Network event in December.


2017 Winners

Blue Business Award winnrer 2017

Water quality category winner: Severn Trent Water- Environmental Protection Scheme

Water reduction category winner: NHS Shrewsbury and Telford Food Waste System