Shrewsbury North West Relief Road

Partial funding for a new road between Shelton and Ellesmere Road (near Shrewsbury Audi) has been offered by the government leaving Shropshire Council Tax payers to find the remainder.  Total estimated bill is now £75,000,000 – even though it was estimated at £105,000,000 in 2017 by Shropshire Council.

A road to nowhere, stuck in the past

Why would anyone want to spend so much money on a scheme with dubious economic benefits and guaranteed enormous environmental costs?

For years Shropshire Wildlife Trust and other community groups have fought the road.  It will:

  • Adversely impact habitats and species all along the route
  • Pass within 500m of Hencott Pool SSSI, 4 Local Wildlife Sites including Shelton Rough already threatened with development
  • Add to growing atmospheric pollution and CO2 emissions
  • Destroy the quality and tranquillity of the landscape, particularly in the Severn floodplain
  • Enclose the town in a ring of steel decreasing access for pedestrians and cyclists

We need to say NO to politicians stuck with the outdated belief that building more roads is the answer to all problems.

What a relief?

The “relief” the road claims to provide is within Shrewsbury town centre, notably Smithfield Road.  This seems a questionable and short-term gain at best.  A greater “benefit” seems to be development opportunities in the boundary of a new road, already appearing in the “Western Sustainable Urban Extension”. An interesting definition of sustainable.

Big town – small minds

Shrewsbury launched its innovative Big Town Plan in 2018.  This espoused “nurturing nature” within the town, but deliberately excluded mention of the relief road.

Surely our sights should be on the future by redesigning towns to reduce the need to travel, making it safe and attractive to travel by bike and on foot and improving public transport networks.  Our big town needs big thinking.

What can you do?

If you would like to communicate your views on this proposal you should contact Shropshire Council’s leader Cllr Peter Nutting and Shrewsbury & Atcham MP Daniel Kawczynski