Campaigning for wildlife

Campaigning for wildlife

Shropshire Wildlife Trust is working to raise awareness of the issues affecting wildlife. We campaign for positive change for nature and people, helping local communities to save special places for wildlife. We welcome the support of Shropshire's communities with these campaigns - together we can work to protect wildlife now and into the future.

Take a look at our most recent campaigns and find out how you can get involved to speak up for wildlife in our county.



Along with the other Wildlife Trusts, we are calling for a stronger Environment Act. Add your name to the growing list of supporters and help make a difference.

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Nature Recovery Networks

A Nature Recovery Network (NRN) set in law will map the places where wildlife needs to be protected, highlight the spaces where more habitat could be created, and reveal the areas where biodiversity should be restored.

All of us can help by taking action for, and providing space for, wildlife.

Paul Hobson


Shrewsbury's North West 'Relief' Road

 The construction of this road will have an impact on Shrewsbury’s wildlife, habitats and landscapes.

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